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CiberPointe, a globally focused North Carolina company, is poised to lead the market for talent representation, business, and produce interactive entertainment digital software. CiberPointe provides a wide array of sophisticated designs and production capabilities with a core focus on Strategic Planning for all areas.
CiberPointe’s international team of artists, producers and engineers develop and use emerging design and production technologies – from 2D and 3D animation techniques, to CGI and film SFX-to offer services on virtually every technology platform and in any environment. With an office in Charlotte, North Carolina an alliance’s developing in India and Japan, CiberPointe provides a global presence to meet the needs of all artist and entertainment producers, advertisers, marketers, and interactive content developers worldwide.

Market Opportunity
The Talent agency business is grouped under the musical groups and artists industry cum the entertainment industry and this industry is made up of professionals who manage talents in the entertainment industry; they manage talents such as artist, comedians, gamers, poets, recording artists songwriters and musicians that produce music professionally, either in front of a live audience, in a recording studio or both.
Musicians in this industry may earn revenue from songwriting, producing or recording, but they primarily operate as performers. If you take a closer look at the musical groups & artists industry, you will realize that over the past decade, the Musical Groups and Artists industry has been subject to a series of massive shakeups due to the popularity of mp3 players, music piracy, internet radio and online streaming.
The steady replacement of physical albums for digital songs has slashed revenue from recordings over the current five-year period, largely due to digital music selling at a lower price point. The transition to digital and a large drop in federal funding for the creative arts have caused industry revenue to grow minimally over the five years to 2020.
Statistics has it that in the United States of America alone, the Musical Groups & Artists industry generates over $6 billion annually from more than 54,723 registered and licensed talent management agencies scattered all around the country.
The industry is responsible for the employment of over 88,626 people. Experts project the music groups and artist industry to grow at a 1.1 percent annual rate. No single establishment can boast of having a lion share of the available market in this industry.

As graphic and internet technologies open up new possibilities, the demand for high-end graphic content will surge. Not just for games, but also for mobile applications, streaming media, films, and advertising. DSL and broadband cable are already beginning to reshape the home entertainment market.
In three years time, the demand for graphics-rich content from the film and the gaming industry alone is expected to hit US $30 billion (The Roncarelli Report). The combined services and technology market opportunity for advanced graphics-from television broadcast and cable networks, video pre-and post-production, multimedia, game development, institutional audio/video, advertising, broadband and wireless — will be far greater. CiberPointe recognizes in this rapid expansion a unique opportunity to capture a large share of the market for complete graphics solutions and educational content.


Vision Statement
Our vision is to strive to be involved in discovering, promoting, and managing a wide array of talented individuals with different niche skills in the entertainment / business industry.

Our Mission
Our mission is to build an organization / agency that will become the leading firm in acquiring and representing the best talented individuals in the world.

12 Tips

Tips for Marketing-Based Techniques for Attracting New Talent

1. Use PR To Tell Your Story
It's most important to make sure your actions and your words align in the public space. Recruits and stakeholders can smell a ruse a mile away. Use your marketing and PR to tell your company story, as well as tout the benefits of your products.

2. Emphasize Your Company Values
There is a search for meaning in work among employees in 2020. They want to work for companies that are ethical and care for their employees and clients. This is critical to attracting great talent. Then, marketing pros can help their clients by establishing brand positioning that states why the company is in business, and amplifying that the company is customer-focused and values its employees

3. Align Culture Before Recruitment
Address the company culture before investing in recruitment. Churn is expensive, not just in constantly recruiting and training new staff, but in the productivity, loss of IP and institutional knowledge from a toxic work environment. A workforce that advocates for the company is a force multiplier for any recruitment campaign. Values, mission, vision and how work actually gets done must align.

4. Offer A Peek Behind The Curtain
Allow potential new talent to get a taste of your company culture through content distribution, testimonials or case studies. Although making decent money while working for a big brand can be exciting, it all comes down to core values and community. A structured and efficient working environment is a result of great leadership that cares for its people, their education, morale, ideas, and well-being.

5. Apply Inbound Marketing Strategies
Inbound marketing drives leads -- both sales leads and recruiting leads. We’ve used it to help clients attract potential workers for a variety of positions. Not only does it allow companies to nurture potential hires from observers to applicants, it helps them attract people with the skills and experience they need.

6. Take Advantage of Your Social Media
While many brands, agencies and service-based businesses are extremely successful in their business-to-consumers advertising, many of them completely neglect the effort they need to put into their own social media page. Your social media page should reflect your company's culture, people and case studies which portray the organization's wins with its clients.

7. Promote Culture on And Off Social Channels
Company culture is predominantly internal, but that does not mean you can’t market it. Showcase your staff, your clients, and your brand on external channels to highlight and promote the culture you’ve built through articles, social posts and a dedicated recruiting page on your site. Promote your off-sites, community involvement, employees’ passions, and philanthropy to attract the talent you want.

8. Create Manifesto Films
Manifesto films are an excellent way to attract both employees and consumers. It is a powerful tool that helps position, empower, dream, and assert the company's values and purpose through an authentic yet emotional storytelling way that moves us. It's an inspirational piece that makes the viewers want to be part of a bigger mission and a greater cause. Dream Further is the perfect example.

9. Provide Educational Opportunities
Often, we find that hiring managers and recruiters focus too much on the paid ads and less on the touchpoints with the pool of potential applicants -- or even on the candidate experience. Conversely, those who hire well and have an amazing recruiting brand focus on using a creative and customized approach to fostering relationships within their community.

10. Leverage Incentive Platforms
Several employee incentive solutions exist in the market. We use Cooleaf. It enables us to incentivize staff around any objective that's paired with a task. Want to encourage people to take better care of themselves? They can earn Cooleaf points for their steps. Motivate them to read more. Post summaries of reads for points. Same with recruitment. Receive points for networking, introductions, etc.

11. Encourage Employee Ambassadors
Any company with passionate, engaged employees should consider highlighting staff content on brand-owned social channels or websites. By integrating brand ambassadorship into the company culture, businesses can encourage existing employees to become influencers for potential new customers and recruits alike.

12. Attract Better Employees Through Modeling
Often, companies say they can't find great candidates. But you can have great candidates find you by using modeling as a motivational stimulant. Every organization has numerous employees that are perfect for their culture. By examining and amplifying their behaviors through social media as an example, you can tap into the motivations of candidates that mimic the same set of behaviors.


Christie Morris aka Christie Love

Performances for 2020:

  • Tea Party at Taj Lounge, Newark NJ on February 5, 2020.
  • DJ Qua & Friends After Work Party at Mr. East Night Club in Roselle, NJ on February 21, 2020.
  • Live In the Mix Ent. Afterwork Party at Cafe Z in Union, NJ on March 5, 2020.

Canceled Events (due to the COVID 19 Pandemic):

  • Hillside House Music.
  • 12th Annual East Orange Summer Jam House Music Festival.
  • Linden House Music Festival during the Summer of 2020.

Christie Morris aka Christie Love
Section: Soulful House Music Artist
www.traxsource.com “Show-Ya”

Rashad Perry aka Shad Dolla

Rashad Perry stage name is “Shad Dolla” is an artist of hip-hop, a designer, and a podcast host. Shad Dolla has been in the industry over a decade. Some of his accomplishments are listed below.

Performances for 2019 & 2020:

• Goodlife Lounge in Philadelphia, PA on July 8th 2016
• 4 Tha Culture Podcast sessions - January 2018 to 2020
• 4 Tha Culture Live Podcast & Concert  on January 6th at The Union Firehouse. Mount Holly, NJ

Canceled Events (due to the COVID-19 Pandemic):

• Newark Riverfront Hip-Hop Festival 2021.
• The Union Firehouse 2020.
• The Asbury Park annual parade and festival in celebration of New Jersey 2020.
• West Orange Street Fair of New Jersey 2020.

"Afraid of" (featuring Shad Dolla & David M.) *Explicit*
C.A. Dolla $
From the album "Afraid of" (featuring Shad Dolla & David M.) *Explicit*
December 20, 2019
Available on Amazon 

"Row Row" (featuring Shad & Dolla) *Explicit*
From the album "G-Baby" *Explicit*
February 19, 2021
Available on Amazon

"Boost" (featuring A1 & Shad Dolla)
GMT Armani
From the album "Muds Thicker Than Water"
May 18, 2019
Available on Amazon
Shad Dolla also on sites listed below:

Shad Dolla's stream - SoundCloud
Listen to Shad Dolla | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.



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